For nearly 30 years, Mountain Brook Gymnastics has been known for excellence, dedication, and outstanding results in the community.  Providing a well-known and highly respected venue to develop critical physical coordination, discipline, competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and a valuable work ethic, our program has successfully served thousands of girls and boys since its inception.

Mountain Brook Gymnastics is recognized as one of the finest gymnastics programs in the nation and currently boasts an enrollment of around 1000 students, ranging in age from two-year-olds to teenagers.  And while our Recreational Program is growing tremendously, we also have one of the largest Compulsory Competitive Team programs in the state of Alabama. Supporting our fantastic Team Program, our Parents' Club has hosted numerous state, regional, and national gymnastics competitions, and has served as an outstanding ambassador of our community's hospitality and spirit.

As one of the few organized athletic opportunities currently available to girls in our community, Mountain Brook Gymnastics offers the young women of tomorrow an opportunity today to develop character building skills which will allow them to excel not only in the gym, but in other athletic endeavors, the classroom, and in every day situations throughout their lives.  A good amount of Mountain Brook Gymnastics' participants are honor roll students and most excel in the Presidential Fitness tests given annually at local schools. Quite simply, our program does an outstanding job helping to create winners, outstanding citizens, and leaders for tomorrow's generation. 

In 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017Mountain Brook Gymnastics was recognized as a "Family Favorite" in Birmingham Parent Magazine!

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