Our recreational classes are for girls aged 5 and up. Students will go to all four apparatus--Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.  In our recreational program, we do begin tracking students' skills through progress reports that are handed out at the end of each session. You do not have to be an expert or even want to be an Olympic gymnast to give a rec class a try! Classes are held almost every day of the week and we offer multiple times for each level.


Our tumbling classes are for girls aged 5 and up. Tumbling classes are good for those kids who like gymnastics, but do not necessarily enjoy being on the bars, beam or vault. If learning a back-handspring or being a cheerleader is your only goal, this might be the program for you. Please understand that it may take a while in order to build the strength, form and skill level necessary to keep you safe when learning a back-handspring or other skills. This process may take a few months or even a year depending on the level of tumbling you start with. Tumbling is typically offered in the late evening  due to gym space and all classes are 55 minutes long


Classes at Mbg

Our preschool classes are co-ed and allow young children to have FUN in a safe environment while developing an interest in gymnastics. Groups are kept small and children are placed in class levels by age, not skill level. Each week we challenge your child with colors, shapes and directions to accomplish skills and tasks that teach them about life. Pre-school gymnastics classes help develop athletic abilities such as coordination, strength, and agility. We have preschool classes offered in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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