UPDATE: **Beginning Summer 2014**
REC 1/2 will be called "Beginner Rec" and is (1) hour once a week
REC 3/4 will be called "Intermediate Rec" and is (1) hour and 30 minutes once a week
REC 5/6 will be called "Advanced Rec" and is (1) hour and 45 minutes once a week.

Registering can be done in just a couple of easy steps:

1. Check out our Registration Forms to see days and times for each level of class. Or you can check real-time class openings, by clicking HERE.
*If you are unsure of what program to put your child in, see our
Class Descriptions.

2. Register your child online via our Parent Portal. (MAKE SURE YOU GET TO THE "FINISH" BUTTON ON THE LAST SCREEN TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION REQUEST AND PRINT IT  FOR YOUR RECORDS). You will have to enter a debit or credit card if you register online and once your request is complete MBG will charge your card the class tuition plus registration fee if applicable. Or, you may come by the gym to register in person. We only accept cash or check in house.

3. In order to place your child in a class, we must have payment to accompany your registration. The annual registration fee will be charged, it you have not yet paid it for 2013-14, as well as the class tuition. Full payment is due at time of registration

How to register

PO Box 43267 Birmingham AL 35243 | (P) 205.969.4889 | (F) 205.969.8496