advanced Recreational

This 105 minute (1x/wk) advanced class is geared toward introducing students to the skills necessary for our Compulsory Team Program without the stress and anxiety of competition.   Major skills this level will be working on include (but are not limited to):    

  • Vault: Arm Circle Stretch Jump up mat stack and HS flat back.
  • Bars: 1 Cast Back Hip Circles, Shoot Throughs, Mill Circles, Front Hip Circles
  • Beam: Handstands, Split Jumps, Side Handstand Dismount
  • Floor: Handstand Forward Roll, Round-Offs,  Backward Rolls to Pushup, Back Walkovers and introduction to back handsprings.

Beginner recreational

This 55-minute (1x/week) beginner class exposes students to foundational gymnastics skills, body form & positions, strength, and flexibility. Students progress at their own pace on all four Olympic apparatus--Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor  
Major skills required for promotion to the next level include (but are not limited to):

  • Vault: Run-Hurdle-Stretch Jump-Stick
  • Bars: Chin Up Pullovers,  Casting , Chin Hangs, Scissors.
  • Beam: Releve Walks, Arabesque, Stretch Jumps
  • Floor: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheels, 1 Leg Bridge, Handstands

Our Recreational Program is for girls aged 5 & up and is based off of skill level. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a Boys' gymnastics program past our  co-ed preschool program.

Keep in mind, our levels are  double levels. So, it's ok if you child needs to do the same level multiple sessions. Remember, each child works at a different pace. Some skills come easily, and some take more time! When your child is ready to move up, she will receive a move-up certificate or your child's coach will let you know. Otherwise, please register for the same level.

If your child has previous gymnastics experience, please set up a time for a quick evaluation!

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Recreational classes

intermediate recreational

This 90-minute (1x/week) intermediate class is designed to slightly increase the training intensity placed on students while allowing them to continue to progress at their own pace.  New skills are introduced and skills previously mastered in Beginner are polished.  Major skills required for promotion to the next level include (but are not limited to):

  • Vault: Arm Circle Stretch Jump, Handstand Tree Fall
  • Bars: Chin-Up Pullover, 1 Cast Back Hip Circle, Casting
  • Beam: 3/4 Handstands on low beams, Jumps, Cartwheel dismount from knee
  • Floor: Vertical Handstands, Cartwheel Step Ins,  Backward Pike Rolls, Bridge Kickovers

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